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Smart Talk With Raisin (1993)

Festival & Awards

01/94    ASIFA-East, New York City, USA 3rd Prize Animation
04/94    WorldFest Houston, Houston, USA Silver Award Animation 
10/97    Best of Liquid Television (home video release)


Smart Talk with Raisin
Produced & Directed by John R. Dilworth
Assistant Animations by: 
Jim Petropoulos 
Barry Vodos 
Chris Prynoski 
Ed Mironiuk 
Marty Polansky
Additional Animation by: 
Paul Sparagano 
Barry Vodos 
Donuwsh U. Wrkdonit
Photography by Ron Bleicher
L.A. Production Manager: Jerry Beck
Associate Producer: Mark Heller
Color Styling & Backgrounds by Margaret Frey
Ink & Paint by Chelsea Animation
Production Manager: Janet Scagnelli 
Pat Roberts 
Phil Marine 
Rose Eng 
John Michaud 
Chris Pocklington 
Sharon Alsheimer 
Stella Loguirato 
Donna Brooks 
Gerry Miller
Theme Music created by 
Alex Wilkinson 
Tim Borquez 
Sound Design and Mix by 
Horta Editorial & Sound Inc. 
Tim Boquez 
Michael Geisler 
Voice Recording: Wally Burr Sound Recording Inc. 
Wally Chan, Engineer 
Telecine: The Tape House Editorial Co., New York 
Post Effects Frame: 
Runner Inc., New York 
Nick Filippi 
Alvin Bowens
Executive Producers 
Japhet Asher 
Prudence Fenton
Copyright:    A (Colossal) Pictures Production in association with MTV Networks 
1993 MTV Networks