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Come Blow Your Kazoo (1998)

An episode from John R. Dilworth's 1998 pre-school mini-series, "Ace & Avery" for Children's Television Workshop and Cartoon Network. The series was part of the program "Big Bag" produced by the late great Nina Elias Bamburger. "Courage the Cowardly Dog" followed. "A&A" was a direct result of having made the Indy short, "Noodles & Nedd". Art Direction: Margaret Frey


Come Blow Your Kazoo
Executive Producer:    Nina Elias Bamburger
Director:    John R. Dilworth
Producer:    Robert Marcus
Production Manager:    Risa Neuwirth
Color & Art Direction:     Margaret Frey
Music:   Miki Navazio
Cast:   Ace & Avery
Overseas Studio:    Animation Services Limited, Hong Kong