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Chicken from outer space (1995)

Festival & Awards

01/96    ASIFA-East Animation Festival, New York City
             Best Director, John R. Dilworth
02/96    Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences- 
             Nominated, Best Animated Short Film
02/96    Museum of Modern Art screening, 
             New York City, USA
03/96    Tampere Film Festival, Tampere, Finland
03/96    ASIFA-San Francisco Animation Festival, 
             San Francisco, USA 1st Prize - Animation
03/96    BACA / The Brooklyn Arts Council Film & Video 
             Festival, Brooklyn Museum, 
             New York City, USA 1st Place - Animation
03/06    Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, USA
03/06    Millenium Theater, New York City, USA
03/06    Brooklyn College, New York City USA
03/96    Minimalen Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway 
04/96    Oslo Animation Festival, Oslo, Norway
04/96    USA Film Festival, Dalas, USA
04/96    Worldfest Houston, Houston, USA  
             2nd Place in Animation - Silver Award
04/96    International Short Film Festival, 
             Oberhausen, Germany
05/96    Telly Awards, USA
             Winner - Silver Telly
05/96    International Animation Festival, Cardiff, Wales
06/96    Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival, 
              Toronto, Canada
06/96    Atlanta Film & Video Festival, Atlanta, USA
             Honorable Mention
06/96    Message to Man Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
06/96    Sydney Film Festival, Sydney,  Australia 
             Audience Vote for Best Films (Top Ten) 
06/96    Long Island Film Festival, Glen Cove, NY, USA
06/96    Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival, 
             Toronto, Canada
07/96    Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival, 
              Vila do Conde, Portugal
07/96    Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, 
              Palm Springs, USA
08/96    Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival, Edinburgh, UK
08/96    Brisbane Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia
08/96    Hiroshima International Animation Festival,
              Hiroshima, Japan 
              Special Program: Best of the World
08/96    Venice Film Festival, Venice, Italy
08/96    L'Etrange Festival, Paris, France
09/96    Cinefest Film Festival, Sudbury, Canada
09/96    Short Film Festival of Drama, Drama, Greece
09/96    BBC British Short Film Festival, London, UK
09/96    Nordisk Panorama, Aarhus, Denmark
10/96    Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated 
              Film, Leipzig, Germany 
10/96    Olympia Film Festival, Olympia, WA, USA
10/96    Chicago Film Festival, Chicago, USA 
                               Certificate of Merit
10/96    SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema de 
              Catalunya, Sitges, Spain 
10/96    Ottawa International Animation Festival, 
              Ottawa, Canada
10/96    Corto Imola Film Festival, Imola, Italy
10/96    Denver International Film Festival, Denver, USA
10/96    Cinema 16 - New Orleans Film Festival, 
              New Orleans, USA 
                               Lumiere Award
10/96    Cork International Film Festival, Cork, Ireland
11/96    CableACE Awards, Washington DC, USA
                               Nominee - Animated Programming or Special Series
11/96    ASIFA-Hollywood - Annie Awards, Los Angeles, USA
                               Nominee - Outstanding Achievement in an
                               Animated Short Subject
11/96    Cinanima Animated Film Festival, Espinho, Portugal
11/96    Stockholm Film Festival, Stockholm, Sweden
11/96    Internationale Trickfilmtage Schorndorf, Germany
11/96    San Sebastian Fantasy Film Festival, 
              San Sebastian, Spain 
                               Jury Prize
11/96    WorldFest Charleston, Charleston, USA 
                               Gold Award
11/96    Exground on Screen, Wiesbaden, Weisbaden, 
11/96    Arctic Light Film Festival, Kiruna, Sweden
11/96    Sinking Creek Film Festival, Nashville, USA
11/96    Zinebi - International Festival of Documentary and 
              Short Film, Bilbao, Spain
                               Silver Mikeldi Award in Animation
12/96    First Night, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
01/97    Brussels International Film Festival, 
              Brussels, Belgium
02/97    Brussels Cartoons and Animated Film Festival, 
              Brussels, Belgium
02/97    Semana de Cine Fantastico de Malaga, 
              Malaga, Spain
03/97    Brussels Int'l Festival of Fantasy & Science Fiction 
              Films, Brussels, Belgium
03/97    Cleveland International Film Festival, 
              Cleaveland, USA
03/97    University of Oslo Film Society, Oslo, Norway
03/97    International Short Film Festival of Mons, Belgium
04/97    James River Festival of the Moving Image, 
              Richmond, VA, USA
05/97    Algarve International Film Festival, Algarve, Portugal 
                               Best Animation
05/97    Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Tel Aviv, Israel
05/97    Annecy International Animated Film Festival, 
              Annecy, France
07/97    Fantasia, Montreal, Canada
07/97    New Zealand Film Festival, Wellington, 
              New Zealand
09/97    ANIMAC - International Animation Festival, Spain
10/97    Festival Mondial du Cinema de Courts Metrages 
              Huy Belgique, Belgium
                               Prix pour l'harmonie entre le son et l'image
11/97    Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Spain 
12/97    Festival de Alcala, Valenciana, Spain 
06/98    Festival of Nations, Ebensee, Austria
                               Silver Bear (Ebenseer Baren in Silber)
06/99    Dimension SF, Centre Cinema Imperial, 
              Montreal, Canada


The Chicken From Outer Space
Written, Produced, & Directed by: John R. Dilworth 
Voices: Courage/Muriel/Farmer/Mouse/Chicken: Howard Hoffman 
Music by: Steven Saltzman 
Layouts & Posing by: John R. Dilworth 
Layout assistants 
Matthew Oldfield 
Jeffrey Speiser 
Timing Director: John R. Dilworth 
Jean Pierre Dillard 
Chris Garrison 
James Petropoulos 
John R. Dilworth 
Assistant Animators: 
Michael   Adams 
Samuel Levine 
Thomas Boné 
Thessia Mechado 
Namho E 
Clean Up Artists 
Michael Adams 
Jeff Brennan 
Chris Dechert 
Backgrounds & Color Styling: Margaret Frey 
Ink & Paint Facility: CHA-POW! 
Ed Mironiuk 
Kris Tercek 
Sound Design: Michael M. Geisler 
Sound Editor: Richard Gray 
Foley Recordist: Lenise Bent 
Foley Artists: Doug Madick & Vincent Guisetti 
Re-Recording Mixers 
Lance Wiseman 
Lee Watters 
Sound Facility: Gnome Productions, Inc 
Bruce Nazarian 
Pre-Production Coordinator: Marie Poe 
Administrative Manager: Risa McInnes 
Post-Production Coordinator: Michael M. Geisler 
Animation Checkers: Rose Eng, Stella Loguirato 
Production assistant: Irene Wu 
Digital Spaceship by Shawn Esposito, Terrorbyte FX 
Film Editor: William Hohauser 
Track Reader: Richard Cohen 
Associate Producer: Rob Marcus 
Technical Consultant: David Grossman 
Editorial Facility: Post Group 
Lab: Four Media Company 
For Hanna-Barbera 
Supervising Producer: Davis Doi 
Director of Music: Bodie Chandler 
Post-Production Executive: John Forrest Niss 
Supervising Film Editor: Paul Douglas 
Post-production Supervisor: Gayle Mnookin 
Post-Production Coordinator: Gail D. Silvers 
Production Supervisor: Victoria McCollum 
Production Assistants: Sandy Benenati, Linda Moore 
Production Liaison: Heather Kenyon 
Executive in Charge of Production: Joe Mazzuca 
Development Executive: Ellen Cockrill 
Senior Vice President of Production: Sherry Gunther 
copyright 1995 
Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Inc. 
A Turner Company 
All rights reserved.