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Angry Cabaret (1994)

Festival & Awards

01/94    ASIFA-East Animation Awards, New York City, USA
                               3rd Prize in Animation
1994    ASIFA-San Francisco Animation Awards, San Francisco, 
                               3rd Prize in Animation
05/95    Telly Awards, USA
                               Finalist - Bronze Telly
05/95    Annecy International Animated Film Festival, 
              Annecy, France


Angry Cabaret 
Written produced & directed by John R. Dilworth
Animated by 
Norton Virgion 
John R. Dilworth
Additional Animation by 
David Cutting 
Jim G. Potropoulos 
John Hurst 
Ed Mironiuk
Assistant Animation by 
Ed Mironiuk 
Jim G. Petropoulos 
Anthony Bell 
David Cutting 
John Hurst
Color Styling by Margaret Frey
Backgrounds rendered by Margaret Frey, Kris Tercek
Digital Ink and Painting by CHA-POW!
Editorial Services by Post Perfect, NY
sound Design by Michael Geisler
Mix by Tim Borquoz
Post Production Sound Services by 
Horta Editorial and Sound Inc.
For MTV 
Video Segment Producer: Richard Zinn 
Supervising Producer: John Andrews
Executive Producer: Abby Terkuhle