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Catch of the Day (2000)

A Noodles & Nedd film by John R. Dilworth.

Festival & Awards

05/00    ASIFA-East Animation Festival, New York City, USA 2nd Prize - Animation
06/00    ASIFA-San Francisco Animation Festival, San Francisco, USA 1st Prize - Animation 
06/00    Annecy International Animated Film Festival -  Panorama, Annecy, France
06/00    World Animation Celebration Festival,  Los Angeles, USA
06/00    Florida Film Festival, Maitland, FL, USA
07/00    Anima Mundi Animation Festival, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo, Brazil
09/00    BBC British Short Film Festival, London, UK
09/00    Matita Film Festival, Matita, Italy
10/00    Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Chicago, USA
10/00    Festival du Cinema International, Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Quebec, Canada
11/00    Zinebi - International Festival of Documentary and  Short Film, Bilbao, Spain
11/00    Shorts International Film Festival, New York City, USA
01/01    Children's Film Festival Cine Junior, France
01/01    Sarasota Film Festival, Sarasota, FL, USA
02/01    New York International Children's Film Festival,  New York City, USA
03/01    Clair Obscur Travelling Junior Film Festival, France
04/01    San Diego International Film Festival, San Diego, USA
04/01    Washington DC Kidsfest, Washington DC, USA
05/01    Tough Eye Film Festival, Turku, Finland
09/01    Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil, Chile  Children's Jury Award for Best Animation
09/01    New York Animation Festival, New York City, USA Citation for Humor
10/01    Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated  Film, Leipzig, Germany 
10/01    Burbank International Children's Film Festival, Burbank, CA, USA
11/01    Oslo International Film Festival, Oslo, Norway
11/01    Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence, France
11/01    Golden Elephant - International Children's Film Festival, Mumbai, India
01/02    Empire State Film Festival, Albany, NY, USA 1st Prize - Animated Short
02/02    San Jose Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, USA
08/02    Woods Hole Film Festival, Cape Cod, USA


Catch of the Day 
Director: John R. Dilworth 
Rainne Wu 
Pilar Newton 
Michael Wetterhahn 
Jose Andres Velasco 
James Petropoulos 
Orlando Robles 
John R. Dilworth 
Color Stylist: Ivana Skracic 
Music by: 
Jody Gray and Andy Ezrin 
for STS Music Group 
Music Supervision by 
Rob Aster 
Michael Lau 
Music Production Mixed by: 
Bruce Buchanan 
at STS Virtual Studios 
Final Mix by: 
Bob Pomann 
Michelle Ciment 
at Pomann Sound, NYC 
Supervising sound Editor/Design 
Michale M. Geisler 
Sound Effects Editors 
Charlie Crutcher 
Jason Piatt 
Assistant Sound Effects Editor 
Hyekyung Lee 
Foley: Vincent Guisetti 
Foley Recording by: Andrea Anderson 
Services provided by BadaBing BadaBoom Productions 
David Wachtenheim 
Michael Wetterhahn 
Jose Andres Velasco 
Martin Wittig 
Tim Chi Ly 
R. Theodore Brown 
Associate Producer: Risa Neuwirth 
Andrew Covalt 
Joan Demsky 
David Lipson 
Fida Hamze reuter 
Digital Ink and Paint by Wang films Productions co., LTD. 
Recording by Pharoah Editorial 
Record Engineer Richard Fairbanks 
Dialog Editor: Peter Roos 
Dilly Dance by William Hohauser , ESPY TV 
Digital Film Recording: Steve Hagel and Don Gyryluk  at Acmeworks digital Films, Inc. 
Color Correction: Martin Zeichner 
Animation Checker: Janet Benn 
Pencil Tests: 
Randall Grant 
Daryle Lockhart 
Joseph Maldenberg 
Jose Andrea Velasco 
Michael Wetterhahn 
Rainne Wu 
Supervisor Inking & Pencil Tests: Barbara Jean Kearney 
Production Assistant: Maria Fernanda Urgelles