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The Dirdy Birdy (1993)

Official online premiere of John R. Dilworth's 1994 underground classic re-edited to restore over one minute of never seen footage. Learn the deep dark secret of abnormal bird behavior! Also included an exclusive introduction by Dilly himself. This version is the 20th Anniversary re-issue that screened in over 50 film festivals around the world. Editing by William Hohauser, as well as the special animation in the introduction.

Festival & Awards

THE DIRDY BIRDY has received rave reviews: "An exceptional audience pleaser... I expect it will join Bambi Meets Godzilla as one of the great dubious classics of the late 20th century" (ASIFA San Francisco newsletter); "Base sophistication. To miss this would be to miss a true piece of art," (New Orleans Film & Video Festival); and "A masterpiece...has a simple charm that will make it remain a hit over the years." (Karl Cohen, film critic).

10/94    Spike & Mike's Film Festival at Santa Cruz
10/94    Ottawa International Film Festival, Ottawa, Canada
11/94    Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival, Nashville, USA
11/94    Cinequest - The San Jose Film Festival, San Jose, 
12/94    Zinebi - International Festival of Documentary and 
             Short Film, Bilbao, Spain 2nd Prize in Animation
01/95    ASIFA-EAST Film Festival, New York City, USA
             2nd Prize in Animation
03/95    Tampere International Film Festival, Tampere, 
              Finland Diploma of Merit
03/95    ASIFA-San Francisco Film Festival, San Francisco, 
              USA 1st Prize in Animation
03/95    New York Underground Film Festival, 
             New York City, USA
05/95    Oslo Animation Festival, Oslo, Norway
05/95    Annecy International Animation Festival, 
            Annecy, France
06/95    South Beach Film Festival, Miami, USA
             1st Prize in Animation
06/95    Message to Man Film  Festival, St. Petersburg, 
06/95    Sydney Film Festival, Sydney Australia
06/95    Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival, 
             Vila do Conde, Portugal 
06/95    Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival, 
             Toronto, Canada
06/95    International Montreal Film Festival, 
             Montreal, Canada
06/95    Long Island Film & Video Festival, New York, USA
             Diploma of Merit
07/95    Lollapalooza Film Tent - Summer Tour
07/95    Film West Festival - Sydney, Australia
09/95    Short Film Festival of Drama, Drama, Greece
09/95    La Biennale di Venezia - Venice, Italy
09/95    'KROK' International Animated Film Festival 
              - Ukraine
09/95    Cinefest - International Film Festival, 
             Sudbury, Canada
10/95    40th Cork International Film Festival - Cork, Ireland
10/95    Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Sitges, 
             Sitges, Spain
             Best Animated Film in Competition
10/95    Cinema 16 - New Orleans Film Festival, 
             New Orleans, USA  Lumiere Award
10/95    Hamptons International Film Festival, 
             the Hamptons, USA
10/95    Olympia Film Festival, Olympia, WA, USA
10/95    Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated 
             Film, Leipzig, Germany 
11/95    39th London Film Festival, London, UK
11/95    Louisville Film & Video Festival, Louisville, USA
02/96    Semana de Cine Fantastico de Malaga, Malaga, 
             Spain Best International Short Movie
03/96    Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Special Screening, 
             Boston, USA
03/96    Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film,
             Stuttgart, Germany
03/96    Festival International du Court Metrage de Montreal, 
             Montreal, Canada
04/96    James River Festival of the Moving Image, 
             Richmond, VA, USA
04/96    Mediawave International Festival of Visual Art, 
05/96    Tel Aviv International Animation Festival, Tel Aviv, 
05/96    Rochester International Film Festival, Rochester,
             NY, USA Trophy Winner
05/96    New York International Independent Film & Video 
             Festival, New York City, USA
06/96    Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films, 
             Zagreb, Croatia Audience Prize for Favorite Film
06/96    Florida Film Festival, Maitland, FL, USA
07/96    Jerusalem Film Festival, Jerusalem, Israel
07/96    Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Film Festival - 
              New York City, USA
08/96    Anima Mundi '96 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1996    Summer Atlanta Project - Animation Underground, 
             Atlanta, USA
11/96    Arctic Light Film Festival, Kiruna, Sweden
01/97    Brussels International Film Festival, Brussels,
03/97    Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway
03/97    L.A. Animation Celebration, Los Angeles, USA
04/97    Image par Image Animation Film Festival, 
              Rennes, France
04/97    The Audrey Hepburn Hollywood For Children 
              Foundation: Independent Family Film Day,
              Sony Theatres, NYC
04/97    James River Festival of the Moving Image, 
              Richmond, VA, USA
07/97    Anim Expo '97, Korea 
09/97    ANIMAC - International Animation Festival, Spain 
10/97    New York Comedy Film Festival, New York City, USA 
             Best Animation
07/02    Anima Mundi - 10 Years Retrospective, 
              Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo. Brazil
12/03    New York Expo Best of New York Animation
01/04    Part of AVOID EYE CONTACT DVD featuring 
             11 independent animators
02/04    Naughty Animation Festival, New York, USA


The Dirdy Birdy
Directed and animated by:   John R. Dilworth 
Additional Animation by 
"Lt. Senior Grade" Jim Pertropoulos 
Marty Polansky
Assistant Animation 
Jim Petropolous 
Ed Mironiak 
Michelle Meeker 
Marty Polansky
Color Styling and Backgrounds: Margaret Frey
Ink and Paint by Chelsea Animation
Production manager: Janet Scagnelli
Ink and Paint Artists 
Pat Roberts 
Donna Brooks
Photography by Ron Bleicher
Post-production Sound services by 
Horta Editorial & Sound Inc.
Sound Design and Mix by Tim Borquez & Michael Geisler 
A Dirdy Birdy Moon to Mark Heller and Melanie Grisanti